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Transformation Services

Phase 1: Planning For Success

This is a two step process: 1) Culture Assessment, and 2) Culture Roadmap Plan. These services make up the foundation for a successful change initiative. You gain insight into the current state of your organization using the Market Responsiveness Index™ and then you build a roadmap that is consistent with your vision, overall program goals, strategy and leadership.

Phase 2: Culture Transformation

Culture Enhancement and Remediation evolve through market-driven skills development and attention to values, norms and artifacts in your organization. There are many precursors to a market culture transformation - we help you navigate them all and make the "culture" word taste a lot sweeter.

Phase 3: Embedded Culture

Make your culture transformation stick. You may have had much visible success at this stage but it takes finesse to make your change become part of the way “things are done around here”.

Phase 4: Continuous Monitoring and Revitalization

You may take a rest at this stage and enjoy the sunshine but realize that you are still in competition. A market culture will enhance your organizational ability to adapt and be proactive to market changes but your culture is a living asset that requires care and occasional health checks. Unleash it, but don't let it run wild.