The Market Culture Mindset

This is the C-Level imperative to create an organizational mindset that is market facing, customer-tuned, always-improving. Achieving this requires the C-Suite to be engaged in a structured process of continuous organizational benchmarking, cooperative conditioning and skills development across the enterprise.

Sample of Client Testimonials & References

Jason Krieser, VP & General Manager

The (MRI) data coupled with our review meeting facilitated by MarketCulture Strategies helped us ascertain some very specific areas for improvement. Since then, we have created an action plan with both short and long term goals to address issues we identified as critical.”


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John Bubel, Director, Surface Preparation Technologies

At ATMI John was charged with delivering superior business performance. However, he found an organization that did not value marketing as a function, did not appreciate how marketing added value, and accorded marketers with far less creditability than those in technical or sales functions.”


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Daniela Pallotta, Associate Director, Corporate Marketing

MarketCulture Strategies was critical in recommending and leading the development of a Customized Training program that aligned with our business objectives.”


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Charles F. Lawrence, General Manager, Luxury Products Group

You will recall when I contacted you as the CMO of the US business I was very concerned about our culture. Specifically I was frustrated with the challenges of serving multiple market segments from multiple North American locations in an organization that was the result of several acquitions that have struggled for several years to become one organization.”


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Kirsten Gates, Worldwide Corporate Marketing Account Manager, Learning and Development

Working with MarketCulture Strategies is the best thing we have done to increase our marketing capability at HP.”


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Tim Lees, Marketing Director

As a direct result of working with MarketCulture Strategies, Speedo’s performance was turned around from one in decline to one of growth in market share, profit margins and the development of new market segments.”


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John Stanhope, Chief Financial Officer & Group Managing Director, Finance & Administration

I highly recommend their services to any senior executive or board member who is seeking to create sustained cultural change that will improve business performance.”


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