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"Being Market-Driven"
Chris is an expert in market-driven business strategies...

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“We had a successful Event by any measure and we are so proud to partner with you on such a significant topic. Your facilitation was excellent – warm , engaging, humorous, and inclusive.

The points you made were thought provoking and the buzz from the attendees indicated significant interest in further follow-up and action.

Our genuine appreciation for your professional leadership. The final head count was 290.”


Frank J Kennedy, Executive Director Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) Executive Education
UNSW Australia

“I have to say, that was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I was not bored nor inundated with too much information. I feel confident with the ability to implement some of the tools you have provided. I hope to attend any other workshops you may have available in the future!”


Amanda Brittcomer,
Marketing Director
Pacific Mobile Structures

“I so very much appreciate the insight and inspiration that you’ve given our employees, both in formal and informal settings. You set the level of professionalism and urgency that I was hoping for."


Bev Hutney,
Chief Operating Officer
Stelter -
The Personal Philanthropy Company

“Chris was a fabulous facilitator. He made the class interesting, enjoyable and a comfortable place to learn and ask questions. He was professional and wonderfully casual with us. He gives off that he is highly intelligent and did not once speak down to anyone. He treated everyone with respect and was fun to be around.”


Course Participant, Marketing Leadership Workshop - Bell Canada Enterprises

"Whether a large group presentation at a conference or a small group of corporate executives, Chris comes well prepared and relates to you as an individual. Anyone who gets the opportunity to listen to Chris speak should seize it!"

Danielle Macinnis, Marketing Manager Hewlett-Packard Company

"Chris is a great speaker on business topics, especially on marketing,corporate culture and what it means to be a market-driven organization. He can change the way his audience perceives the world. I recommend him without reservation."

Sean Gallagher, Senior Director Insulet Corporation

"Thank you for a great workshop. It was extremely valuable, usable, transferable information that could be put to use in the workplace. It was definitely worth the time away from the office and money for the course."

Dusty E. Miller, Marketing Manager - Motor Vehicle Industry

"After attending your AMA Marketing Workshop in Chicago I bought three copies of your book! It demystified the customer service experience for me and was very helpful to diagnosis what was wrong or missing from the customer service experience. It helped me make thoughtful, informed choices for my business"

Karyn Gavzer, MBA
Former Director of Marketing for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)



Our audiences include senior executives of medium to large corporations:

  • CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, Senior HR Executives etc.
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • All industries, English speaking


"How to Build a Truly Customer-Centric Culture within your Organization"


In the face of intense competition and massive cost pressures, how are you using the customer experience to differentiate yourself and drive customer loyalty?

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Past Speaking, 2015

10.13.2015-10.14.2015 - Day 2 - World Marketing Summit Japan 2015- Japan

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9.28.2015 - Keynote talk on Customer Culture at - Sydney

9.08.2015 - Private Client Workshop on Rethinking the Customer Experience - Chicago

9.03.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Qatar

8.18.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Johannesburg

7.15.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Sydney

6.30.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - London

6.03.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Madrid

5.26.2015 - AGSM 1 Day Workshop: Building a Customer-Centric Culture - Sydney, Australia

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5.06.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Dusseldorf

4.29.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - London

4.23.2015 - CEO and CMO Authors Speak- Innovations in Marketing, Products, Services and CSR

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4.07.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Milan

3.24.2015 - Private Client Customer-Centric Leadership Workshop - Amsterdam