Complementary Tests

The MRI™ has been proven, through extensive research and validation testing, to predict business performance. Based on an analysis across more than 50 corporations, your company can expect to achieve a 4 percent boost in profitability every 10 percent improvement in its MRI™ score.

The MRI™ and Complementary Assessment Tests

Employee Engagement Surveys

Some organizations conduct annual employee engagement surveys (EES), which can say much about employees’ ability to operate at a high level, efficiently and competently. The EES loses its relevance, however, if employees are focusing their efforts in the wrong directions; it doesn’t matter how efficient a business is if it’s working on the wrong things. The MRI™ fills this gap. By running an MRI and EES in tandem, an organization is able to determine their ability to do the right things through behaviors that create sustainable competitive advantage and their ability to do those things well.