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Marketing, Marketing Management, International Marketing, Competitive Marketing Strategy


Dr. Linden Brown and Chris Brown - The Customer Culture Imperative

A Leader's Guide to Driving Superior Performance


Kotler, Brown, Adam, Burton and Armstrong is now on 8th edition of Marketing

Written in a concise and straight-to-the-point manner with plenty of real-world examples Marketing has yet again raised the bar for intro marketing texts. It provides the definitive principles of marketing in a format that is both interesting and engaging to students. Marketing is proof that long-standing theory is still contemporary and can be delivered in a manner that is fresh and relevant to the students of today.


Fletcher, Brown - Internetional Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective, 4e

International Marketing: An Asia–Pacific Perspective, 4e is a comprehensive text, developed by Australian authors, to reflect the needs of marketers and managers in the Asia–Pacific region. It focuses on Australian and New Zealand firms looking outwards, principally but not exclusively towards the Asia–Pacific region, as this is the major focus of their international business activities.

Int Marketing

Fletcher, Brown, De Burca - International Marketing: An SME Perspective