It’s just as important that you, as an internal service function, understand your customers and your connection to the value chain, as any other part of the business. The CRI™ is your benchmark for your internal value contribution.

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Supplemental Services to the MRI™ and CRI™

Skills Audit

This tool is designed to uncover the critical skill gaps that need to be addressed in order for every employee to become market-driven.

Stakeholder GAP Analysis

A tool that provides feedback from internal stakeholders on your team’s performance against their expectations.

Urgency Diagnostic

No sense of urgency - no change. The MarketCulture Urgency Diagnostic is most commonly used with the executive team before action planning to gauge the level of urgency as perceived by the most important stakeholders.

Culture Audit

An interview process that uncovers the cultural dimensions that inhibit or support the development of market-driven behaviors.

Market-Driven Behavior Programs: Measuring Your Return On Investment

Measure the impact of behavior change on the key performance metrics.