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John Konsin - President and CEO - RS Medical

"Yes, I would stongly recommend other organizations to do the MRI™".

John Konsin

Charles Lawrence - General Manager - Franke Group North America

"Personally the MRI™ helped me with my career but I think more importantly it helped the careers of dozens and dozens of other people, and it helped this company".

Charles Lawrence

Doug Biehn - VP of Corporate Marketing - Blue Shield of California

"Where we started with MarketCulture Strategies was to help Blue Shield marketing professionals really understand how to have positive influence on change, and positive influence on business decisions across our business units".

Doug Biehn

Steve Fischer - Former Global Director of Marketing Workforce Development, Hewlett-Packard

"MarketCulture helped us understand who our internal customers were, what truly were their needs, and then what it was that we needed to build as a development team in that regard".

Steve Fischer

Tim Lees - Former Director of Marketing - Speedo

"MarketCulture made us aware of the process of developing strategic business plans, a very very professional, rigid and structured process".

Tim Lees

David Morgan - Former General Manager - Orica

"MarketCulture has taught me to make sure I deliver on my promise, every single time."

David Morgan

John Hooper - CFO - Ergon Energy

Ergon's stated vision is "To be a world-class, customer driven energy business". With the help of the MarketCulture team Ergon is taking concrete steps towards realizing that vision.

David Morgan