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MarketCulture’s Consultant Accreditation Program

MarketCulture’s Accreditation Program ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for all individuals and organizations that engage with MarketCulture’s tools and programs.

The primary goal of the Accreditation Program is to provide practitioners with the understanding, knowledge, tools and processes necessary to help leaders successfully create a customer culture in their organizations.

The Accreditation Program is a crucial lever for expanding the MarketCulture Collaborative - our ever-growing global network of qualified practitioners. The program provides the foundation for a collaborative learning community dedicated to sparking a corporate cultural revolution that inspires employees, delights customers,  rewards shareholders and benefits the wider community.

MarketCulture accredits individual consultants. Thus, the individual (rather than his or her organization) retains the accreditation and right to purchase and debrief the MRI™ in the event that he or she moves to another employer. Additionally, all consultants within an organisation who will be debriefing accreditation-required products must be accredited directly by MarketCulture.

Accredited individuals are not certified to train others in the use of the assessments or to purchase products requiring accreditation on behalf of others who have not successfully completed the MarketCulture Accreditation Program. Individuals not accredited by MarketCulture may use accreditation-required assessments only by working with someone who is accredited, and therefore, qualified to debrief the feedback reports.

The Accreditation Process

Participation in the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ Workshop is the first step in the accreditation process for the products they cover.

The next steps involve passing an in-workshop Accreditation Exam, administering and applying the MRI™ culture assessment, and presenting the results and outcomes of the application project in a Debrief Webinar.

Once you have attended the workshop and passed the exam, you will have three months to complete the Accreditation Project.

The Debrief Webinar should be completed within six months of attending the workshop.

Accreditation Renewal

In order to maintain accredited status, practitioners must purchase at least one MRI™ Program with a client every year. If this requirement is not met, practitioners interested in regaining their accredited status will need to repeat the accreditation process.

MarketCulture reserves the right to require re-accreditation training. We also reserve the right to update and revise accreditation and refresher requirements as needed. From time to time, refresher courses may be required to maintain accreditation.

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