Alex Allwood - CEO of The Holla Agency

Alex Allwood

We help companies grow and retain more customers by improving their customer experience.


Kate Messenger - Director of Meme Partners

Meme's employee engagement programs recognise shifting mindsets and leverage new technologies to create culture change. Our results are measurable in improved employee motivation and performance, better customer experiences, and stronger brands and businesses.


Pauline Triggiani - Director of Priority People

Pauline Triggiani

We specialise in corporate cultures that focus on the customer and mastery in leadership. We are committed to working with individuals, teams and organisations to create better outcomes for everyone. Using evidence based approaches we fast track understandings on more effective ways to work with the people who surround us that improve performance and create benefits for the business and its customers.


Nicole Wales - CEO of Human Tribe

Nicole Wales

At Human Tribe we partner with people and business to reach their highest potential and purpose. We do this 3 ways: we measure, we coach and we align:

Measure: We can benchmark your business against other Australian businesses to develop you 12-month HR plan, we measure the reasons why the best people in your organisation joined your business and what keeps them there and we offer bespoke mystery shopping services.
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Peter Strohkorb - CEO & Smarketing Expert

Peter Strohkorb

We have a proven methodology to first assess a client organisation's internal READINESS for CX, and then to implement a program to accelerate and maintain their customer experience, sales performance and staff engagement.


Lance Houghton - Director

Lance Houghton

We partner with you to assess your unique business and situation and become "growth ready", so you are able to:

Improve productivity, scale up and take your business cross boundaries; Seek new markets and grow regionally; Tap into technology and communications and become innovators.

Develop and attract, retain, help your people learn unlearn and relearn Navigate more easily your access to government and industry associations, networks, and where available funding schemes may assist your expansion plans

The Breakthru Performance parnership uses our expertise and experience to focus on customer-centric culture – how to build it, how to measure it and how to keep it sustainable. While many companies focus on their internal culture based upon their vision, values and beliefs but not in a way that relates how that impacts customers. We facilitate a creative mindset shift to enable you to create scenarios and then targeted strategies and tactics to traverse these obstacles.