Lauren Houghton - Premium Regional Partner

Lauren Houghton

We partner with you to assess your unique business and situation and become "growth ready", so you are able to:

Improve productivity, scale up and take your business cross boundaries; Seek new markets and grow regionally; Tap into technology and communications and become innovators.

Develop and attract, retain, help your people learn unlearn and relearn Navigate more easily your access to government and industry associations, networks, and where available funding schemes may assist your expansion plans

The Breakthru Performance parnership uses our expertise and experience to focus on customer-centric culture – how to build it, how to measure it and how to keep it sustainable. While many companies focus on their internal culture based upon their vision, values and beliefs but not in a way that relates how that impacts customers. We facilitate a creative mindset shift to enable you to create scenarios and then targeted strategies and tactics to traverse these obstacles.


Tara Kimbrell Cole - CEO and Consultant

Tara Kimbrell Cole

Tara is CEO of Synovations® Pte. Ltd., the consulting firm she founded based in Singapore, serving multi-national organizations across a range of industries. The company co-creates, designs, and delivers organizational development programs to build leadership, systems thinking, innovation capabilities, highly-tuned team collaboration and manage change while optimizing business opportunities.

Leading the firm's consulting strategy, business development, and service delivery in 14 languages; she is a lead executive coach, consultant and directs an international team of organizational development consultants and executive coaches.


Ragil Ratnam - Director and Lead Coach

Ragil Ratnam

Our focus is to help leaders and leadership teams understand how to build sustainable success through building vision and purpose, an aligned strategy, collaboration and implementation. Specifically we specialise on the internally focused aspects of the Market Responsivenss Index.