Peter Whitehall, Customer Focus Consultant

Peter Whitehall

Peter has considerable knowledge and experience in management, leadership and change in a wide range of organisations. He has a passion for effective business-to-business stakeholder engagement and customer focus derived from his track record as a managing director, director of business development and national sales manager with large multi-nationals and small to medium enterprises. He has owned and managed training and consulting companies since 1996, has worked extensively with commercial, industrial and government businesses in several countries and has trained over 8000 people in management skills.

Colin Wilson, CEO of Key Business Advisors

Colin Wilson

Key Business Advisors - Taking your Business from Good to Great.

Every business needs to have not just a strong customer focus, but also the right processes, policies and procedures that drive results. Nowadays, it is so easy for customers to search for your competitors and take their business elsewhere should their expectations and demands not be met. If you have the right people on the bus, the problem of how to manage and motivate people becomes easy to address because staff members are self-motivated to produce results and make a difference on the job throughout all four quarters of the day, just like in an AFL match.

Key Business Advisors partners with businesses of all sizes to achieve business results. Through our methodology, offering a complete solution of business advice, coaching, mentoring, customised sales training programs and Human Resources software and solutions, we take businesses from good to great!