Stuart Crawford-Browne - Director

Stuart Crawford-Browne

Phoenix Rising is a brand and insight consultancy that helps organisations improve business performance by sharpening their customer strategy. Competitive benchmarking, marketing analytics, customer experience management, brand experience design and stakeholder engagement are areas we focus on to help brands foster a customer-centric culture.

Our sister company Phoenix MRC is a full service ISO 20252 accredited market research firm with deep technical expertise on gaining insight and foresight from qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches.


Simon Kevan - CEO

Simon Kevan

After completing a degree in psychology and management (2001), Simon (MBPsS) has worked within a number of brand agencies over the last 15 years. In this time he has created his own ‘Laws of Attraction’ – a detailed framework of how relationships form, maintain and breakdown. This knowledge and insight has been developed into a a business APP that unlocks the value of your business relationships.

Laws of Attraction succesfully works with a serveral organisations, delivering communications based on science in line with the following ethos:

"Relationships are at the heart of every successful business and effective communication is at the heart of every successful relationship"