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From the principles of marketing, to marketing management, international marketing and competitive marketing strategy, Dr. Linden Brown, MarketCulture Strategies' Chairman and Co-Founder has a long history of thought leadership in the discipline of Marketing

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Achieving Cultural Sense-Ability and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The speed and complexity of global business are challenging your company to move faster, work smarter and think further ahead than the competition. To be successful, you need a culture that understands, predicts and responds to your customers' problems as well as understands your competition and current market dynamics.

It's what we call Cultural Sense-Ability, and it defines the character of today’s successful businesses.

MarketCulture Strategies works with corporations around the world to improve competitiveness through the adoption of market-centric values, practices and skills. We offer benchmarking, strategic planning and skills assessment for your team. Our training and transformation services will result in measurable improvements in your sales growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our Market Responsiveness Index™ measures your organization’s capacity to respond to customer needs, competitive threats and external factors. Then, we work closely with your corporate leaders to create a road map that will make you market-driven. Our research shows that for every 10% improvement in MRI™ score you can expect a 4% improvement in profitability.

Client Experience

Our client experiences demonstrate the ability of our benchmarking, upskilling, transformation services and customized programs to meet the diverse needs of a broad range of high profile industries.

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